Lillington UTT 2019

What is Lillington UTT?

Lillington UTT is a six-team league based on the Ultimate Table Tennis rules, as seen in the successful Indian UTT competition. The league comprises six teams of three players. Players are grouped in three bands, based on standard, and each team has one player from each band.

Each match is made up of nine singles and one doubles, with every leg won counting towards the team's final score. In singles, all players play three legs against each opponent. The doubles is also three legs, but with the combinations decided by random draw.

Three points are awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

The Teams


  • Sam Wiggins
  • James Robertson
  • Nicholas Ho


  • Dave Ramsey
  • Nikit Sajiv
  • Eddy Bolanos


  • Jack Green
  • Tom Hunt
  • Emily Beasley


  • Ricardo Bolanos
  • Livvy Fletcher
  • Josh Yarrow


  • Sam Weaving
  • Charlotte Spencer
  • Chris Ho


  • Lee Dorning
  • Harry Purewal
  • Milly Green